The Midnight Star Campaign

Tabletop RPG running on Sunday afternoon, evening, from 5pm til 9pm.

Uses the Edge of Empire rules from Fantasy Flight Games.


Five stars in near proximity, the Hyades were colonized by five colony ships from Old Earth. Only four made it to the Hyades: the Liberty (America), the Mistral (European Alliance), the Tsu-Wa (Asia) and the Cibola (South America). The Hatima (African Confederation), never arrived in the Cluster and was presumed lost with all hands in transit (though rumors to the lost Colony Ship abound).

The Cluster is a unique stellar entity: six stars within light-days of each other. The ships were easily able to find candidates for terraforming, and then new worlds for colonization.

Now, four hundred years after arrival, the Cluster is a thriving hive of humanity, metahumanity (engineered for survival) and mechanized peoples.

This story follows the crew of the Midnight Star, an Agora-class transport, fifty years old and recently purchased by a crew of misfits… er… stellar-professionals who roam the Black, living one job at a time.

Credits where they’re due.

Borrowed from a lot of sources here; just don’t have the time to be that creative anymore. So, without further ado:

  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
  • Firefly and Serenity
  • Freelancer (CRPG)
  • Borderlands (CRPG)
  • Heavy Gear (RPG)
  • Star Frontiers (RPG)

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